Control your bounce rate!

  • Wordpress-Plugin
  • Control bouncing visitors
  • More profit for you
  • Segmentation by source (Referrer)
  • Url-Shuffling
  • Configurable on Post, Page, Taxonomy & Custom-Post-Type level
  • Run for a percentage only.
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Important: Since version 75 Google Chrome requieres a trusted user event to allow write access to the browser history.
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What can Bounce Booster do?

Do you know how many users are bouncing from your site without proper interaction? Those users are lost forever and you are losing money! Bounce Booster fixes that once and for all! With Bounce Booster you are able to redirect bouncing visitors whereever you like to.

Nice! How does it work?

Bounce Booster monitores the Browser-History and detects if a user uses the Back-Button to leave your site. Now Bounce Booster takes over control and redirects the user to the landingpage you configured.

What exactly can Bounce Booster do?

  • Visitor-Segmentation by source (Referrer).

    Bounce Booster can redirect users to different urls depending on the source they came from. You can configure urls for the following traffic sources:

    Searchengines: Google, Yahoo, Bing

    Social Netzworks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram

  • Global settings

    All settings are configurable on a global level in the admin interface.

  • Post-, Page- & Custom-Post-Type settings

    All global settings can be overwritten on a Post-, Page- & Custom-Post-Type level.

  • Url-Shuffling

    Bounce Booster supports Url-Shuffling. If you supply more then one url per traffic source, Bounce Booster chooses a random one. That comes in handy, if you like to share bouncing traffic to different target urls.

What can I do with Bounce Booster ?

  • Redirect the bouncing users to another site of your network or via affiliate link to a shop of the same topic.

  • As a shop owner you can redirect the bouncing users to a "one time offer" page and give them a 5% discount if they buy now.

  • Redirect the bouncing users to a searchpage and aks them to refine their request.

  • Redirect the bouncing users to a question form and ask what you can do for them.

  • Boost your Facebook-Page or your Twitter-Account by redirecting the bouncing users to one of those urls. With segmentation you can refine that and redirec only users comming from Facebook or Twitter to get a even better conversion.

  • Redirect the bouncing users to a Google-Custom-Search and let them search your network. You can even make money by linking the GSC with your Adsense-Account.

Try out Bounce Booster right now!

Click the Browsers Back-Button and Bounce Booster takes over and redirects you to a page you do not came from.

Convinced? Choose the license that fits your needs!

Pick the proper license!


89 €*

Perfect for Bloggers.
5 Domains
Segmentation by source
Global settings
Post & Page settings
Taxonomy-Term settings
Updates included **
Standard-Support ***
Custom Rule****


129 €*

For Professionals with many sites.
15 Domains
Segmentation by source
Global settings
Post & Page settings
Taxonomy-Term settings
Updates included **
Standard-Support ***
Custom Rule****


239 €*

For Developer and Networks.
unlimited Domains
Segmentation by source
Global settings
Post & Page settings
Taxonomy-Term settings
Updates included **
Developer-Support ***
Custom Rule

* All prices are net prices plus the current statutory VAT. The VAT depends on the country where you are based and whether you order as a company or private person. VAT will be calculated by Digistore24 during purchase.

** Updates for the bought major version, are free and included. If new features come only with a new major version you must buy a new license. (The major version is indicated by the number prior to the dot.) Version 1.0 and 1.2 belong to the major version 1. Version 2.1 belongs to the major version 2.

*** Support is handled by email. There is also a closed Facebook-Group - just ask to get added if you bought a license. Questins to standard support gets answered during 3 working days. Questins to developer support gets answered during 1 working day.

**** Available via Update. Please contact the support.

Quote from the author of Bounce Booster!

The concept behing Bounce Booster was introduced at SEO ExpertDAY and caused enthusiasm.

I got a lot of request from people who wanted to use it but didn't want to invest big money in their own development.

Therefore I developed Bounce Booster for Wordpress as a "out of the box" solution. Godspeed with the Plugin!

Naden Badalgogtapeh / Autor Bounce Booster


  • Google Chrome v75 and later

    Since Chrome v75 Google Chrome and Chrome based browsers requiere a trusted user event to allow write access to the browser history. To reflect this, BounceBooster now watches for those events (click and touch) and hooks in. This happend to popups like 10 years ago. This is a breaking change, because BounceBooster can no longer operate as smoothly as before and needs a user interaction. We expect this behaviour to come to all major browsers.

  • Which Wordpress-Version is supported by Bounce Booster?

    Officially only the last two versions of Wordpress are supported but we made sure to use technics that compatible with older versions too.

  • Is it possible to later upgrade a bought license?

    Yes, please just ask the support.

  • I know a lot of people who will love Bounce Booster. Do I get a commission?

    Absolutely! Please have a look at the affiliate section.

  • I'm using Adsense on my page, what does Google thinks about plugins like Bounce Booster?

    We do not came across any official statement from google. We use this technic since two years on a lot a websites and had no trouble at all. Please note there is no warranty at all. If you decide to use Bounce Booster it's on you own risk.

    Update: Meanwhile, there is an official statement by John Müller on the subject. According to him, there is no negative impact on the rankings.

  • What Browser are supported by Bounce Booster?

    All modern Browser which implement the History-API.

    Internet-Explorer Version 10 or newer
    Firefox Version 31 or newer
    Chrome Version 31 or newer
    Safari Version 6.1 or newer
    Opera Version 24 or newer
    iOS Safari Version 7.1 or newer
    Chrome for Android Version 38 or newer
    Android Browser since Version 4.4 and Version 2.3


If you have any questions or run into problem, please write an email to:


Global Settings

Post & Page Settings


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I'm not using Wordpress! Can you yet still help me?

Bounce Booster can be used with any CMS like Drupal, Joomla, MODX, phpBB, vBulletin, or framework like Laravel or Symfony. At the moment there is only an out of the box solution for Wordpress but please feel free to contact us upfront with your special request and we'll try to help you!